Why should we
hire you?

Imagine you're in a job interview, everything is going well and you really feel you're nailing it. Then, usually towards the end, the interview will ask, "Why should we hire you?". And your mind goes blank. You can't just give a generic answer, otherwise you can kiss that dream job goodbye.

Well, that's why we're here, to help turn that blank into the perfect answer! It's a question that requires a careful and nuanced answer, but with a little preparation you'll be able to get through it confidently.

How often does this question come up in interviews?

This is one of the most popular job interview questions, and one you'll usually find at the very end of your interview. It's a good way to round off the discussion and is a way to differentiate yourself from other candidates.

How hard is this question to answer?

This can be tough. You need to balance your answer so you don't come across as arrogant and boastful, but also need to make yourself stand out from other candidates. This is a question you should definitely do more preparation on.

Prepare a few different answers and always try and match them back to skills and requirements in the job description. However, you also need to refer back to what has been said earlier on in the interview, so watch out for cues from the interviewer themselves.

Why would an interviewer ask this question?

Interviewers ask this to see how you're different to other candidates. At the interview stage you'll be up against a group with a very similar skill set and the interviewer wants to see what makes you stand out.

Example of very good answer

Let's take an example of a candidate who has been asked this question. Imagine this candidate has 20 years of experience in their field. We'd expect the answer to go something like this:

"You mentioned earlier that leadership skills are vital for this role. I've been working in the XYZ field for 20 years now, with 10 of them in a critical leadership role. During that time I've successfully led multiple teams and I've consistently exceeded targets for the last five years. I've learned motivational techniques that work well, and those that don't and can bring these skills to the role.

Note how a specific example of exceeding targets was given. Prepare multiple answers like this before your interview.

Don't give a generic answer

Don't just say "I'm perfect for this role...", of course everyone will say that! Give specific examples.

Don't be overconfident

You need to list specific skills, but don't be a show off.

Don't talk too much

Get your point across succinctly and move on. The longer you talk, the more likely you'll look arrogant and lose the interviewer's interest.

Brainstorm ideas before the interview

This is a chance to summarise all of your skills and strengths into one super answer at the end of the interview. Preparation is key.

Review the job description

This is key advice for any question, but even more important here. Make sure you know what's required of you.

Think of something to stand out

Try to think of a key event, skill or job you've done in the past that will put you above the other candidates.

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Why should
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